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Lessons 3-Setting


Write about the setting of your story. Include the following:

Time/Year (example: 1950):

City/country (describe the city and country where the story takes place. Give as much information as possible. You can give information on the language, people, religion, culture, etc):

Place (describe the place where the story starts. This can be a house, school, castle, store, etc. Write as much as you can. For example, if the story starts in a cottage, you can write what the cottage looks like and what the surrounding area is like. If the setting is the main character's office. You can write the desk is strewn with papers, etc. This will tell us something about your character and will help you when you write the story. You can easily put these details into your story later. [the setting should help us get into the story. Make the setting appropriate for the story. Use descriptions that show the mood of the scene):

Other (anything else that will give us information on the setting. For example, you can write the season, etc.)



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