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Beginners Class Lesson 2- Setting

Lesson 2 (Week 2) Setting:

Where does the story take place? Which country? Which city? Which time/year? Which season? Is the story set in a house or cave? Forest or police station? Mountain or plane? The story doesn't have to be set in the same place throughout the story. It can be set in several places. One scene can take place in a house, the other in a school, another on a bus, etc. Also, the story can take place in more than one city or country. The detective can travel from America to France. The story can also be set in more than one time. If the main character goes back in time, you have parts of the story set in the past and parts in the future. Or you can have the story set in space or on a spaceship.

Where ever the story is set, you need to describe the place well so that the reader will be able to see the place. When describing the setting, think what you can see, hear, smell, feel, etc. If the character is walking barefoot on a plush carpet, write it. If there are pictures on the wall, describe them. If this is one of your characters house/office, make sure the pictures are according to the person's taste unless you have other reasons for them to be there. For example if the character hates dogs, would there be pictures of dogs on her wall? Not unless someone else loves them (for example if the character's husband loves dogs, you have reason to put pictures of dogs on the wall. In that case, when describing the pictures in the story, you can write something like, Oh, how she hated dogs. She could never understand what it was about that animal that Henry loved them so much.) Or the pictures may have been left by the former owners of the house, and your character doesn't feel like removing them. Or maybe the character doesn't have time to pay attention to these things.

Assignment 2:
For assignment 2, describe the setting of the story you're working on (preferably, the protagonist's home/office or a place where most of the story takes place). 

Optional assignment: Describe the home/office of the antagonist if a part if the story is set in it. If not, describe any other place. You can even describe the neighborhood where the protagonist lives or a park. In that case, describe the weather. Was the wind blowing? Were leaves flying with it? Was the ground covered with snow.

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