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Beginners Class Lesson 3- Conflict

Lesson 3 (Week 3) Conflict:

 What is the conflict in your story? Conflict can be of many types. Conflict between the good and the bad (police and thief) or between husband and wife or between parent and child or between teacher and student or between boss and worker or between co-workers. Who is your story about? Who or what is causing problems for your main character? 

Assignment 3:
For assignment 3, Write a scene about two or more characters and show conflict. You can write about a fight between a parent and child in which the child wants to go to a party and the parent won't let her. Or you can write about a beggar and a businessman in which the beggar is trying to get money from a businessman and the businessman wants the beggar out of his way so he can go to a very important meeting that's about to start in 5 minutes. Of you can write about a fight between a murderer and a police or a murderer and a victim. Or you can write about a fight between a man and a wolf or a child and a teacher. [Write about anything you like]

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