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Beginners Class Next class starts July 18, 2001. Registration closes July 12, 2001

Course Level: B
Maximum students per class: 10

This class is for beginner writers who haven't taken many courses and haven't read much on the writing craft. This class is only to help get you started in writing. There are four lessons and four assignments. Additionally, some lessons also have optional assignments.

Lesson one deals with characterization. Lesson Two deals with setting. Lesson three deals with conflict. And lesson four asks you to write a scene combining what you learned in the previous lessons. Plot and Theme aren't covered in this course.

Before you start, read Common Errors made by Beginning Writers. Optional exercise: Write something using the different types of writing discussed in Common Errors made by Beginning Writers (first person POV, second person POV, third person POV, present tense, past tense, present or past tense with a flashback. After you write these, read each one and ask yourself whose POV the scene is from. If you have shifted POV (head hopped), edit it. This is to get you used to the different writing methods. [You can submit this exercise for the instructor to look over.]

When you join, a student ID# will be emailed to you. You will use this when submitting the assignments for the instructor to comment using the Beginners Class assignment submission form. Then read the lesson and do the assignment. Post the assignment in the classroom and also submit it to the instructor using the Beginners Class assignment submission form. Then give feedback to your classmates. You don't have comment on each and every assignment posted, but try to give as much feedback as you can.  Don't know how to give feedback, read  How To Critique Fiction, by Victory Crayne

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 Chat room  If you want to chat with your classmates, post a message on the board.

Registration for this class is closed. Class starts July 18, 2001.

To join Beginners Class, fill out the following form:

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What genre do you write?

How did you hear about us?

Sample of your work:

(this should be the same story you plan to use in the course)

Note: Applications without writing sample will not be considered.

A confirmation email and your student ID # will be emailed to you if you have been accepted. If you don't get a reply within one week, email  

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