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Write Stuff Fiction Workshop

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Sharon Langan
Maine, USA - 17:13:39 7/18/2001

Sharon Langan
Maine, USA - 17:13:09 7/18/2001


*~*~*~*Spirit Sprinkles*~*~*~*

Spirit Lenore here to cheer you on!
Good luck in the fights
and remember to show
that incredible spirit and

Shout It Out Come Visit Me! :)


*~*~*~*Spirit Sprinkles*~*~*~*


Spirit Lenore
Dream Gates Spirit Realm - 16:31:34 7/18/2001

Magical Elusive Spirit
Has stopped by here to say
Iíll spread my Spirit magic
Then be on my way
A lovely twinkling shower
Placed upon this place
Spreading all this Spirit's magic
With such fluttering grace
Reminding you to Shout it Out!
And let your spirit show
So you can spread the spirit too
Wherever you may go

Elusive Spirit - 09:42:19 7/18/2001
http://DRealm of DSpirit

Good Luck in The Site Fights!!!!
You've been dusted by
D'Dolphins Desire Fairy

D'Dolphins Desire Fairy
- 19:12:55 7/16/2001


Hello, hello, hello. I am Phoenician Astarte, here to welcome you to the site fights and the dream gates team. just remember to SHOUT IT OUT: everyday.
~~Phoenician Astarte

Phoenician Astarte
Dream Gates, USA - 11:26:42 7/16/2001


~*~* STARKLES *~*~

A Spirit I am,
And I came here to see,
How many spirited team members,
I can dust and see :-)
Wishing You Luck!!
And Much Spirit Too!!!
Here is a Spirit Stick
Just for you!!

~*~* STARKLES *~*~

Spirit Southern Stars
- 10:09:26 7/16/2001

~*Sprinkle, Sprinkle*~

Faery Hyacinth passes by your site,
And sprinkles fairy dust with great delight.
She's come to give your site a cheer
For all the hard work she sees here!

May all the luck be with you this week,
And you will be rewarded with all that you seek.
This Faery spreads the spirit about...
Visit the faeries and please SHOUT IT OUT!!

Just a suggestion, a spirit page is nice!
To share more of your spirit, sugar & spice *S*

Faery Hyacinth

~*Sprinkle, Sprinkle*~

Faery Hyacinth
DRealm of DFaeries, Australia - 09:21:57 7/16/2001


~Spirit Sprinkles~

On my visit through your realm
I found your spirit great.

Show that wonderful spirit by
Shouting It Out ! You will be giving
the best gift and having fun too!

~Spirit Sprinkles~

, USA - 19:17:05 7/15/2001
http://Sqaw Creations


An outstanding, well-thought-out website. Amazing opportunity for free online writing classes. Not that many around.

Articles on your site are excellent and every writer can benefit from the information.


Bonnie J.--South Flatland Kid
Kansas, USA - 12:55:44 7/09/2001


I feel that I need some help. This looks a good idea.

Wendy Cross
UK, England - 05:03:20 7/08/2001


This site is just what the doctor ordered. I've been struggling with my writing for quite some time. After finishing two manuscripts and several short stories. Ironically I'm ready to take a few courses.

Dayton, OH, USA - 21:11:58 7/05/2001


This looks like a wonderful site,however I was looking for a nonfiction workshop.

Lee Ennis
Virginia, USA - 10:44:54 7/04/2001


I'm sure this a very enriching place!

Alicia Marsillach
Barcelona, Spain - 11:52:31 7/03/2001