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Write Stuff Fiction Workshop

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Hi, Former Tser here! Great site! I started my own site too, go check it out! This is a great idea for a writing network! Keep up the good work!

Kelly Cap
- 10:44:45 7/03/2001


Looking for good free advice and information on budding writing career.

Darlene Oakley-Munroe
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 16:53:46 6/27/2001


currently trying to manifest a crew,
to be involved with the whole production, of a wildlife documentry.
interested people may e-mail me at
greatfull I was invited to the indie sci-fi film makers club!, and read the post that led me here!
I am interested in taking one or all of your courses. a note on dislexia!
using the typewritter on this computer,
does little for mispellings, of words,
but I really have no trouble typing forwards! LOL! thank you! Lisa C
Ps if earthquakes interest you, Please check out the above site!

Lisa C.
northern Calif.,between the trees, and the ocean, USA - 07:24:21 6/10/2001



Cheryl Britt
milwaukee, WI, united states - 17:26:30 6/08/2001



- 19:23:22 6/07/2001


Enjoyed my visit to your site, especially Beginnings... by Liz Fielding. I'm bookmarking this site. Thanks.

Jerri Brooker
WA, US - 21:13:58 5/21/2001


I thought I would give writing another chance. My admiration for Coco is truly genuine. The only way to be a writer is to write. I will check back often to the site so I can register for the next writing class.

Coco, I love the way you've revamped the site. It is great!

Lea Ann

Lea Ann Hillman
New Mexico, USA - 01:47:30 5/08/2001


I pressed a wrong key in our web address - sorry.....

Terry Moore
Tamworth, UK - 15:16:18 4/30/2001


Good page coco. Somewhere to come for a constructive critique.
Thanks for visiting Tamworth Writers page and signing our book.
Good luck


Terry Moore
Tamworth, UK - 15:14:15 4/30/2001


Looking good. I'll come back and stay longer when I have more time. There is a lot to see....

Rie Sheridan
Austin, TX - 11:19:13 4/13/2001