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Write Stuff Fiction Workshop

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This is a terrfic site! I wish I would have found it sooner. Look forward to taking your courses and returning here again and again for all of the great writing advice.

East Coast, USA - 02:02:53 1/20/2001


Hi Coco, I know I should have done this a lot sooner. I think this is a great site and I'm looking forward to more participants. Everyone who's posted feedback on my work have been really wonderful. Let me know if you do the course again.

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA - 23:13:46 11/27/2000


This is a great site, will spend more time here. Thanks for signing my guestbook.

Paul Nobbs
Wales, UK - 15:36:54 11/12/2000


I learned of this site in F2K class last week. Need to spend more time here.

Montana, USA - 19:50:21 10/31/2000


I came to this site through F2K where I did a course. This site is great for encouragement and at last I've really put my ideas for the book I want to write into practice.

Thanks Coco.

London, England, United Kingdom - 15:56:32 10/15/2000


Hi, everybody! I hope you guys will visit my site that offers much of the options you find here on Write Stuff and F2K. It is free! I hope you will stop by and enjoy.

Thanks Coco for allowing me to post on your site!

Lea Ann

Lea Ann Hillman
New Mexico, USA - 02:31:40 10/12/2000


Just curious. When does you next class start?

Arkansas, USA - 08:32:08 9/28/2000


This course has been quite the blast. I look forward to the weeks to come. Thank you for making this available to us for free.

Alberta, Canada - 23:15:21 9/24/2000


Your site is most professional and I love it. I am taking the html course w/you at WVU. I don't think you need it. Especially impressed with all you have included. I am a Themestream writer also and write "how-to" articles about writing. Love your chat rooms & message boards.

Bonnie Eaton
Kansas, USA - 13:33:59 9/23/2000
http://NOT YET


Good course

Don Hoglund
Moline, il, USA - 08:04:47 9/23/2000